PlusQuam Pharma is an innovative company that since 2011 is leader in the development and innovation of products aimed at improving the Quality of Life and Health of People.

We invest in Research, Development and Innovation to take care of health in the different stages and situations along the life of all the family members.

Our R+D+i department is formed by pharmacists, nutritionists and doctors who develop food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics with the highest European quality standards, providing healthy and natural solutions.

The goal of PlusQuam Pharma is to meet the needs of a society increasingly aware and demanding that their health care be with natural products that respect the environment.

Since the beginning of the company, PlusQuam Pharma’s strategy has been constant innovation, so the innovative spirit is the engine of all our processes.

This innovative spirit allows us to develop new products and ingredients and make progress with which to solve people’s problems.

Based on the concept of constant innovation, we are always available and in contact with patients to understand their needs and satisfy them with simple, natural and innovative solutions.

PlusQuam Pharma is made up of people who work to take care of people.


Our values help us understand the world and life of the people we work for. They reflect what our aspirations are and what kind of company we want to be.

PlusQuam Pharma believes in people and teamwork, always wanting to provide Health and Quality of Life.

We want to be close to people and accompany them in the different stages of their life, to provide them with effective and quality solutions.

As with people, companies are known for what they do and our goal is to demonstrate it day by day.


PlusQuam Pharma, in commitment with the society in which it is immersed, provides solutions to improve the health of people at different stages of their life. Therefore, the life of our patients marks the path of our developments and innovations.


For PlusQuam Pharma the goal is to improve the health of people. Thus, we are experts in comprehensive health care and we have a wide range of products designed to help people in different stages of life.


Constant innovation is the only premise of PlusQuam Pharma. Innovation is essential in any field, but it is much more in a company dedicated to the health of people and with its own label. We have a highly qualified team of people dedicated to innovation who are in contact with patients, universities and research centers both nationally and internationally, to meet needs not covered.


Teamwork is essential at PlusQuam Pharma. Due to the interdisciplinary training and experience of the people who form PlusQuam Pharma, the knowledge and skills, as well as the vision of the processes as a whole, allow to adopt a constant attitude of progress, personal and professional, contributing to ensure the growth of the company.


In a globalized and changing world like the one in which we live, PlusQuam Pharma presents itself as an active and adaptative company model, which evolves in our organizational form to meet the demands and needs of society.


PlusQuam Pharma dedicates 1% of the business profits to social purposes and collaborations with NGOs.

The team of people who form PlusQuam Pharma is convinced that the company can act and improve in turn in its immediate environment, in such a way that it is committed to the society that surrounds it and its environmental sustainability.