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Provide liquids, sugars and mineral salts in case of dehydration.

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CN 194546.4

Hidrasal® LIMÓN is a food supplement intended to PROVIDE LIQUIDS, SUGARS and MINERAL SALTS in case of dehydration.

Dextrose, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, lemon, sucralose, and riboflavin.


(The formula is adapted to the recommendations of ESPGAN and WHO)

To prepare the solution, add 2 tablets to 200 ml of drinking water and allow to dissolve completely (stir if required). Once the solution has been prepared, it is recommended to drink small amounts (sips or teaspoons of less than 5 ml), to encourage alternation of absorption and intestinal rest.

  • Adults and children over 20 Kg: Drink 200 ml – 400 ml 3 times a day.
  • Children under 20 kg: Drink 10 ml/Kg 3 times a day.

Pack of 24 effervescent tablets
(2 tubes x 12 effervescent tablets).

Lemon flavor.



Dehydration is the excessive loss of water and mineral salts from a body. It can be caused by being in a very hot situation (especially if there is a lot of humidity), intense exercise, lack of drinking or a combination of these factors. It also occurs in diseases where the electrolyte balance is altered.

The groups at most risk from dehydration are: infants, children, the elderly, pregnant women and athletes.

The symptoms of moderate and severe dehydration can be headaches, similar to those experienced during a hangover, blurred vision, decreased blood pressure, dizziness and fainting when standing due to orthostatic hypotension. If treatment is not given, delusions, unconsciousness and, in extreme cases, death may occur.

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